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Success Stories

A Happy Customer
Dr. L. Evangelista

I was referred to Dr. Evangelista DC. in January of 2012 after an MRI confirmed a diagnosis of an L5-S1 central disk herniation. I was experiencing painful lower back pain and pain running down both my legs and into my toes including numbness in my feet and lower legs.  I had suffered a lower a back injury in the early fall and had completed weeks of intensive Physio therapy to no avail. Taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories was unsuccessful as well.  My Family Physician recommended Dr Evangelista DC. due to his gentle technique called COX Flexion-distraction and decompression . This is a treatment using a unique chiropractic table that with specific movements that reduce the pressure on the herniated disc thus relieving the pain.  Desperate to have some relief, I booked my appointment with Dr. Evangelista and began THE COX TREATMENTS.

To my amazement after completing just 2 weeks of therapy with Dr. Evangelista the pain began to dissipate and I began to regain my mobility. The gentle movements of the table combined with lower back strengthening exercises brought me back to health. I have now completed the treatment program set out for me, and am able to run and play with my kids, something in early January of 2012 I thought I would never do again.

Thank you Dr. Evangelista!
I was desperate to get some relief for my lower back pain as well as the
excruciating sciatica pain going down my leg in late August 2013. Dr.
Evangelista’s initial assessment was extremely thorough, and he identified the
problem accurately (i.e. herniated disc). He is very knowledgeable and
answered all my questions to my satisfaction. His academic credentials and
experiences speak for themselves. Subsequent treatments provided me with
greater relief. He used gentle techniques (Cox technic) to relieve the spinal
nerve. As Dr. Evangelista predicted, my sciatica pain was practically gone within
two weeks.
To help with my back pain, Dr. Evangelista taught me some back exercises. By
November 2013, my lower back pain was almost gone. Despite Dr.
Evangelista’s advice, I returned to my aerobic classes too soon. This led to
some setback, which prolonged the duration of my treatments. Dr. Evangelista
was absolutely right in emphasizing on strengthening the core muscles and on
special exercise routines before returning to more challenging exercises.
Nevertheless, Dr. Evangelista was always helpful and kind. I am very grateful for
the treatments that he provided me.
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