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Burlington and Hamilton Walking is Good for You and Your Back!

Just walk. That it it. Walk a little today. Just walk the extent that you can. If you can only walk 3 minutes, terrific! Walk 5 minutes the next day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will feel better, your back will recover, your outlook will be improved. Walking is a usual recommendation at Spinal Care Clinic for our Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic patients experiencing low back pain as well as those Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic patients who have other issues, too. Walking is a simple, economic, effective activity for Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic patients while Spinal Care Clinic knows that walking may be an activity some Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic patients may find overwhelming when they are in pain. Spinal Care Clinic understands and will be with you as you begin walking.


In a new analysis of five randomized clinical controlled trials, researchers write that walking may be considered an alternative to other physical activity exercise. Walking improves pain, disability and fear-avoidance in chronic low back pain patients. (Spinal Care Clinic knows that some Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic patients fear movement like walking as they are anxious about their back pain might be aggravated. Burlington and Hamilton low back pain patients will avoid exercise, avoid walking, avoid moving for fear of pain. If this sounds like you, please talk with your Burlington and Hamilton chiropractor at Spinal Care Clinic.) An added bonus: walking is inexpensive. (1) Spinal Care Clinic will discuss with you about how walking may improve your Burlington and Hamilton back pain relief treatment plan and how you feel about adding walking to your Burlington and Hamilton lifestyle.


An additional research paper discloses that walking was as effective as other non-pharmacological interventions for patient relief and disability decreases for patients with chronic low back pain in short (up to 3 months) and intermediate term (3 to 12 months) follow up. (2) Burlington and Hamilton walking is helpful for low back pain patients. Spinal Care Clinic has seen the value of walking for many Burlington and Hamilton back pain patients and their Burlington and Hamilton back pain relief and prevention program.

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Listen to this PODCAST of how thrilled this farmer (the second patient on this podcast) is to get relief with Cox Technic and walk (even run) without back surgery which he thought he’d have to have done.

Schedule your Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic visit for a pain-relieving chiropractic treatment plan that includes walking at your speed, in your time, and to your ability. “Just walk!” after our Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic visit about your chronic low back pain condition and its Burlington and Hamilton chiropractic plan for relief.

Spinal Care Clinic often recommends walking for Burlington and Hamilton back pain sufferers.
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